How to host an underwear party!

Underwear parties are back! All around the world, people are shedding their work uniform for their almost birthday suits. They aren't just for drunken college frat parties anymore, but frat boys, you keep doing you! Why not let loose, no matter what you look like? It's a fun way to get to know your friends on a more intimate level without actually being...uh...intimate! 

With so many new styles and cuts of underwear, these parties don't have to be as boring as Fruit of the Loom! They can be fun, sexy underwear parties! I mean, all of us have sexy underwear, but how many people do we actually show it to? Show it off! 

Are you in? Here are six simple steps to throwing an EPIC underwear party!


The key for a successful underwear party is finding a venue that is private and will also make your guests feel comfortable. Houses, clubs, and private rented spaces are all good idea. Bad ideas would be a ballroom at a hotel, a creepy warehouse, or your mom's basement. 

If you live in a big city, you can use to find a cheap and accommodating venue. Right now they offer locations in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, Austin, Chicago and many more. Be sure to reach out to the venue host and tell them what kind of event you are hosting so they won't be alarmed by the outfit choices. Most of them won't mind if you are respectful. 

Don't do it at a hotel. You will most likely get thrown out when they see a bunch of drunk people running around in their underwear! 


This is important! You need to ask yourself why you are throwing this party. Is this to bond with your friends? Are you trying to get together with someone you have a crush on? Are you trying to show off the results of 6 months in the gym? Remember, some people will be shy and nervous about showing up and stripping down. Figure out who is coming and why, and then you can set the rules.


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want everyone to show up in their underwear?
  • Do you even have to be in underwear? Can you come dressed up in something sexy but not in your underwear?
  • Is this a guys only event, or a mixed gender event?
  • Are there going to be awards or prizes for the best underwear?
  • Do people need to wear shoes at all times?
  • Are jockstraps allowed or does everything need to be covered? 
  • Are pictures going to be allowed?

These are all questions you need to think about. If it is a mixed crowd where people might be shy, set the rule that you don't have to be in your underwear if you don't want to.  This might ease people into getting more comfortable as the night progresses. 

Want people to go all out? Consider giving awards for best underwear, sexiest underwear, or even funniest. Be creative. This will encourage people to really think about their underwear and outfit choices. 

Is there a theme? Themes are an easy way to make people feel more comfortable attending.  It could be superheroes, maids, butlers, cowboys or anything that could be fun! 

Whether or not you can take photos will be an important question to ask yourself. Some people will not want their picture taken in their underwear, they might be President some day, ya know, and some won't care. You need to specify up front if this will be allowed. It might determine if some people come or not. An easy rule to institute would be to make sure that if you are allowed to take pictures, you have permission from everyone in the picture. 


Most people will arrive at the venue in full clothes. Which means there has to be a place to put a huge amount of shirts, shorts, belts, jackets, etc.  Set aside one room for this.  You could also go buy bags and Sharpies and have everyone place their clothes in a bag and mark it with their name. 

One of the big things people overlook when having an underwear party is that you are in underwear - so where do your phone, wallet, and keys go? Most underwear doesn't have pockets, so you need to find a safe place to put all these items.  You could put it with the clothes, but only if you really trust your entire guest list.  One way to solve this is to make sure the room with the clothes and valuables has a lock on it, and only you have access to the room.  It will be a lot of work, but hey, you are the host! It's much better than people having their valuables stolen. 


This is the fun part! How sexy do you want to be? Underwear used to be boring, but now it is much more exciting.  Whatever you pick, it should stand out and be memorable! That can mean a fun pattern, an interesting cut, or just something you don't see everyday.

Here are some fun examples of underwear that would be really unique at a party!  

Faux Leather Peek-a-boo Riveted Boxer Briefs $18

Candyman Side Show Boxer Briefs - $22


American Pride Brief - $12

Belt and Button Boxer Brief - $13


Camo Singlet - $43

PUMP Pack of 3 - share with a friend $54

PUMP mesh pocket briefs


This is the most important part! The night has finally come and everyone is showing up! You welcome everyone in and it's like unwrapping a present! What will all your guests be wearing!?

The best part, after the excitement of seeing what everyone is wearing, you'll soon see how quickly you forget you are in your underwear talking to friends. You'll find yourself more comfortable stripping away everything, and just being more open in front of them.  It's freeing, fun, and most of all, a night you'll never forget! 

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