Riots to Rainbows - List of LGBTQ Gay Prides in 2019

June 28 marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village. A year later in 1970, the world's first Pride Parade was held in New York.

Society 50 years ago was a lot different from now and we have the Stonewall activists to thank for the advances that have been made in our LGBTQ world. And though we still battle for equality, this year is the perfect time to celebrate all the advances made and acceptance we experience almost everywhere in the world.

June is the official Pride Month and the huge World Pride Festival and parades in New York, the biggest in Pride history, are going to blow your socks off. If you can’t make it to the Big Apple, there are literally hundreds of Pride events around the world, spread out through the year.

Many of the worldwide parade themes are celebrating Stonewall.

For instance, in San Diego, the theme is Stonewall 50: Legacy of Liberation with the parade on July 13, 2019. And in San Francisco, the theme is Generations of Resistance and it’s happening Saturday and Sunday, June 29 and 30, in Civic Center Plaza.

Down south in Guadalajara, Mexico, June 1 is the date to celebrate and the wild city of New Orleans is set to explode with Pride June 6-9 where the parades have nearly tripled in size since 2012.

Across the pond, in Amsterdam join the celebration July 27-August 4, where the theme of Pride Amsterdam 2019 is Remember the past, create the future.

The UK’s biggest Pride festival is held 2nd-4th August 2019 in the seaside town of Brighton. Generations of Love–Celebrating 50 Years of Campaigning with Pride is the theme this year, remembering the Stonewall Inn uprising that ignited the Pride movement.

Love this theme – From Riots to Rainbows. Join the Maltese 6 - 15 September 2019 for Pride Fashion Night and Drag Lip Sync Battle and of course, the Parade.

And if you can’t get organized to go anywhere this year, plan for New Zealand on 16 February 2020

It’s time to get out and show your Pride. Join the parades, attend the festivals, become an activist with a cause, be brave and get out there and live life.

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